Ionus!’ shouted Vandus from atop a spiked walkway. ‘Make haste!’ The Lord-Celestant felt frustration heat his blood. Though scores of warriors had fought to the stairways and beyond, the rest were still intermingled with the Chaos horde. Perhaps a tenth of their number would make it through before Argentine’s fires boiled the rest alive.

‘There are too many!’ shouted Ionus Cryptborn, raising his reliquary. ‘I shall forge a path if I can! For Sigmar and Azyr!’

A colossal bolt of lightning shot from the skies to slam into the Lord-Relictor. It coursed through him, shooting across the molten silver to turn every servant of Chaos within a hundred paces to scorched meat. The Stormcast Eternals were empowered and found their passage suddenly unbarred. They surged for the walkways, wading through the simmering metal. Cryptborn was the last to leave. He sank further as he struggled on.

As Vandus watched, a horned hulk of armour and burned flesh surged up from the molten silver, axe drizzling as it carved an executioner’s arc. Vandus roared a warning, but it came too late. The blow struck the Lord-Relictor in the face, splitting his head in two as a forester would split a log.

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  • The Quest for Ghal Maraz.