Vandus Manomartillo sigmaroteca

Vandus Manomartillo.

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"Ellos no son la muerte, hermano. Nosotros somos la muerte."

"El destino nos verá de nuevo juntos, hermano."

"¡Huestes de la Tormenta, a las armas!. ¡Esta noche inflingiremos muerte y el castigo de Sigmar!"

Vandus Manomartillo, Lord Celestante de los Martillos de Sigmar

Lord Celestante de los Martillos de Sigmar y personificación de la tormenta vengadora, Vandus Manomartillo ya se ha grabado un lugar en la historia. Fue el primero de esta Hueste de la Tormenta en ser Reforjado, y su Cámara Guerrera fue la primera en devolverle el golpe en el dominio del Caos.

Desde su Reforja, Lord Vandus se ha probado como un líder habilidoso, capaz de dar forma a la rabia de las Huestes de la Tormenta a la vez que templaba y aplacaba el hierro de este intercambio. Bajo su aspecto noble y pensativo, sin embargo, no le gustaría más que zanjar su deuda de sangre contra Korghos Khul.

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Vandus triunfante sigmaroteca

Vandus Manomartillo.

Long ago, the Direbrand Tribe fell to the Goretide’s wrath, its people mercilessly hacked to pieces. But for the young Vendell Blackfist’s refusal to despair, the last traces of the tribe would have been lost, just as with so many others. Though Vendell had left his years as an impetuous warrior behind to forge the destiny of his tribe, his outrage drove him to battle. As his people were cut down by the dozen, Vendell took up his sledgehammer and battered his way through the Blood Warriors that crowded his stalker-smithy. He cried a wordless challenge to the armoured king in their midst, but to Khul it was no more than the bleating of a goat bound for slaughter. Vendell saw his young sons, each of whom had struggled to the last, being violently struck down by Lord Khul. Where that dread axe swung, reality itself bled – Vendell’s sons did not fall so much as shrink and disappear. In fury, the smith charged in, but traded no more than two blows before a sharp kick drove him to his knees. Winded, Vendell awaited the blow that would end his misery forever.

It did not fall. Light flashed across the blood-stained battlefield, and Vendell was taken to high Sigmaron, there to be reforged as Vandus Hammerhand by the God-King. Since that day, Vandus has put his duty first; his exceptional leadership and skill at arms have seen him earn the respect of all amongst the Stormhosts, and the trust of the God-King himself. Indeed, the visions that assail Vandus in moments of high tension are proof enough that his destiny is intertwined with that of Sigmar Heldenhammer. Regardless of the Lord-Celestant’s exalted position and the responsibility it entails, he has sworn an oath to see his old nemesis slain – only when the deathblow finally falls will his soul be at peace.


Sitting proud astride his Dracoth, Calanax, Lord-Celestant Vandus Hammerhand is the very image of the heroic saviour. Vandus is a natural leader and an exceptionally talented warrior, considered among the greatest of Sigmar’s war leaders. Rumour has it that Vandus’ Reforging was unusually fast, mere heartbeats passing before the Lord-Celestant strode from the scourging lightnings of the Chamber of the Broken World. Since that time, he has trained his warrior chamber to the absolute peak of physical and martial ability. Though he places his duty and his loyalty to Sigmar above all else, many believe that the driving force of Vandus’ excellence is a very personal desire for revenge. Long ago, in another life, Vandus Hammerhand was Vendell Blackfist, smith-chief of the Direbrand tribe. For long hours the tribe bravely resisted Korghos Khul’s Goretide, but they could not hold out forever. Before he was snatched away by Sigmar, Vendell watched Khul kill everyone he had ever cared for. It is not a sight that he will soon forget, nor ever forgive...

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De voz profunda. Posee un rostro noble y los claros rasgos cincelados que a menudo se representaban en las estatuas de héroes.

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  • Martillo tempestos llamado Hendelsen, que centellea como una llama dorada contra la oscuridad.

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